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Consultation: Defence Policy Review

The Department of National Defence (DND) has launched public consultations in the development of a new defence policy for Canada.

From now until July 31, 2016, we will be engaging all Canadians and many key stakeholders to discuss three fundamental areas:

  1. The main challenges to Canada’s security
  2. The role of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in addressing current threats and challenges
  3. The resources and capabilities needed to carry out the CAF mandate

Defending Canada and protecting Canadians is the Government’s most fundamental responsibility. This review will provide the clarity needed to balance priorities, respond to emerging challenges, and invest appropriately in Canada’s military.

Why are we reviewing Canada’s defence policy?

The strategic context in which the CAF operates has shifted in the last decade, in some ways significantly. Canada is facing a range of new challenges, from the rise of terrorism in ungoverned spaces, to the expanded use of hybrid tactics in conflict, to new opportunities and vulnerabilities associated with the space and cyber domains.

Important choices will have to be made to ensure that DND and the CAF have what they need to confront new threats and challenges in the years ahead. A credible, realistic, and evidence-based review of defence policy will ensure that DND and the CAF are able to deliver results for Canadians.

Have your say!

We are committed to engaging all Canadians on the issues and decisions that affect them. This is why we encourage you to join the online conversation and provide feedback on the type of military Canada needs to represent its interests at home and abroad.

To help guide an informed discussion, we have prepared a public consultation paper to inform the public on the role of the Canadian Armed Forces and the issues affecting their current operating environment, defence capabilities, and the future defence force.

There are two main ways you can provide feedback: anonymously, via a workbook, or by joining a discussion forum, which requires you to log in and will allow you to see what others have posted and discuss the issues. Both of these services are being offered by an independent research firm.

Fill out the e-workbook

Join the conversation in our virtual forum

Other ways we will engage stakeholders:

Roundtable Meetings

Engaging Parliament

Engaging Allies and Partners

Hosting a consultation event


For more information: Defence Policy Review


Until July 31, 2016