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Thirty Outstanding Canadians are Honoured with the Diamond Jubilee Medal by Marc Garneau

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February 23, 2013

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MONTRÉAL—The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal was presented to 30 recipients from various walks of life during a presentation ceremony on Saturday, February 23, 2013, at Victoria Hall in Westmount, Quebec.

Marc Garneau, Member of Parliament for Westmount—Ville-Marie, presided over the ceremony. The medals were created to mark the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne.

“I believe service is its own reward,” said Mr. Garneau. “As Barack Obama once observed: ‘the best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Do not wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.’ Those are wise words and I think all of the recipients today know them to be true,” added Mr. Garneau.

“However while service may be its own reward, it is certainly gratifying when we can take a few moments from our busy lives to thank those who give so much to others. All of the thirty recipients honoured today have contributed generously to our own community in Montreal and helped make it the vibrant and wonderful place it is,” stated Mr. Garneau.

“As the Member of Parliament for Westmount—Ville-Marie, it is my privilege to award them these Diamond Jubilee Medals today. I want to thank them for helping to fill the world with hope,” concluded Mr. Garneau.

This Diamond Jubilee Medal has been presented throughout the past year to deserving Canadians to celebrate significant contributions and achievements and to recognize those who have dedicated themselves to service to their fellow citizens, their community and their country.

All of the 30 recipients honoured at today’s ceremony are either residents of Westmount—Ville-Marie or have made outstanding contributions to the community. They were selected by Mr. Garneau based on the advice of the recommendations of an independent three-person panel of eminent citizens of Westmount—Ville-Marie.

The names of the recipients and their short citations and a fact sheet on the Diamond Jubilee Medal are attached.



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Biographies of Recipients

N.B. These are only brief biographies and do not do justice to all of the recipients’ accomplishments.

Joyce Arsenault

Category: Health

Joyce Arsenault has been a nurse at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal for over 20 years. Her dedication to her patients has twice earned her an award for excellence in her work. Her role is to provide care to patients at the hospital’s Diabetes Clinic, where she demonstrates the enormous expertise and exemplary patience that is called for in teaching patients with diabetes and their families how to deal with the disease. Her devotion to the cause of diabetes extends beyond the hospital walls. She is a member of advisory committees at a number of companies to help them manage people with diabetes, and also gives public presentations to raise awareness of the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle and the risks of diabetes. Since 2006 she has been a member of Team Diabetes Canada, and with two of her coworkers she has raised $66,000.

“Joyce is a fitting citizen for this award. She exemplifies commitment at work and in the community at large with the goal that people live healthier fulfilled lives.”

Tina Kader, M.D. FRCPC, Jewish General Hospital


Harry Blank

Category: Politics

Harry Blank served in the Canadian Armed Forces and was injured during the Second World War. When he returned to civilian life, he studied law at McGill University, specializing in immigration law. In 1960, he was elected to the National Assembly for the constituency of Montréal St-Louis, which he represented for seven consecutive terms. Mr. Blank has had a very active political career. He has worked to ensure compensation for victims of crime, participated in anti smoking campaigns, and fought to protect Montreal’s central core from inappropriate development, to name but a few accomplishments. He also helped to establish the first legal aid clinic in Montreal, and returned to the practice of law in 1985.

“Harry has had a distinguished career as a soldier in World War II, a lawyer and a politician.”

David Berger, lawyer, Blanshay, Goldberg, Berger


William Brock

Category: Community Involvement

Mr. Brock is a leukemia survivor who dedicates all his efforts to medical research into cancers of the blood. He also established the Fund for Research and Education on Blood Cancers, which has raised $1.2 million from thousands of donors. The money collected has funded two two-year fellowship programs at the Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital. In 2011, these efforts earned him the Medal of Honour of the University of Montreal’s Faculty of Medicine in recognition of his support for education and research. In June 2012, he also published the book Portrait d’Espoir, which includes photographs of some 50 patients, caregivers and helpers, and tells the story of their battles with blood cancers. A thousand copies of the book were printed and distributed free of charge to cancer sufferers and their families, to support them as they deal with their illness.

“… I think it is particularly important to salute the hard work and efforts of people like Mr. Brock who do their utmost to support causes that affect so many Canadians, and who have a positive influence on our institutions, our city and our province, and even on our country as a whole.”

Maryse Bertrand


Judith Cohen Lechter

Category: Art

Judith Cohen Lechter is an internationally renowned musician, opera singer, pianist, composer and concert promoter who promotes peace and harmony through music. This is the goal of World Peace Through Music, the organization she created in 1998 that brings together musicians of various nationalities who play around the world to promote peace. She believes that children are our hope for the future, and so she has involved numerous children from Montreal schools in these creative endeavours. Working with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, she also created and produced a peace awareness event, conducting a choir of 250 children and 175 adults. The initiative was a huge success and earned her the YMCA Peace Medal in 2002.

“I sincerely admire her and congratulate her on all her accomplishments, and have the greatest respect for the way she has conducted her career and her social, community and family life.”

Paul Nadler, lawyer, Green Glazer Nadler and Associates


Garrfield Du Couturier Nichol

Category: Community Involvement

Mr. Du Couturier Nichol, a Knight of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, is dedicated to the cause of senior citizens and persons with disabilities. In general elections between 1998 and 2001, he made sure that was all disabled persons were able to get out and vote. In 1998, he joined CANADEM and has represented Canada on a number of foreign missions, such as during the referendum in East Timor in 1999. Mr. Nichol has a generous nature and, for the last 40 years, he has provided meals for isolated seniors on holidays, at his own expense, so they would not feel alone at Christmas, New Year’s or Easter. Mr. Nichol also developed the Order’s volunteer program, which provides assistance for front-line workers at palliative care facilities.

“I strongly believe that Chevalier Du Couturier-Nichol represents all that is good about Canadians in caring for others.”

Louis Angers, CLJ, OMLJ


Hugo Delorme

Category: Community Involvement

Hugo Delorme has been involved in the community since his teenage years in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets 710 Ste-Rose Squadron. His commitment continued at college, where he became the trainee manager of his local caisse populaire. His involvement has been recognized by his peers, who elected him president of his cooperative and the college entrepreneur club. His most important achievement was undoubtedly the founding of the Club union in 2004, an organization that brings together leaders from metropolitan Montreal. His leadership led to the creation of the Young Leaders group at the Segal Centre for Performing Arts and the Young Patrons Committee of the Place des Arts Foundation, of which he was the founding president. In 2005, he joined the National public relations firm and in 2012 he became the youngest partner in the history of the firm.

“I got to know Hugo in 2006, and since then I have constantly been impressed by his energy and his efforts as a volunteer with so many community, cultural and business organizations.”

Yves Lemire, Chief of Staff, Office of the Mayor of Brossard


Michael Fitzgerald

Category: Community Involvement

Michael Fitzgerald is the president of RMR Association Branch 14 of the Royal Canadian Legion and a lieutenant in the public safety service of the Town of Hampstead. Mr. Fitzgerald became president of the association five years ago, when it had no more than 10 members and was on the verge of disappearing from the community. Thanks to Mr. Fitzgerald’s energy and leadership, the association today has 100 members, and in 2011, the Legion paraded for the first time in 10 years at the Remembrance Day services in Westmount, Hampstead and Kahnawake. Over the last three years, the Legion has donated $5,000 to the Regiment to provide soldiers on missions abroad with personal care kits and has also offered them support when they come home. On his initiative, they have created a scholarship that helps members of the Regiment who want to study at a college or university.

“There are few more deserving persons for recognition by the award of this medal (…) I believe that Mr. Fitzgerald is very much a deserving citizen who has made a significant contribution (…) by facilitating the renaissance of Branch 14 Royal Canada Legion.”

Peter Trent, Mayor of Westmount


Dean Fleming

Category: Arts

Dean Fleming, an actor, producer and director, has been a leader in the English professional theatre world in Montreal for over 20 years. He is currently the artistic director of Geordie Productions, where he has worked to create an engaging young people’s theatre with a Canada-wide reputation. Over the course of his career, he has directed more than 50 productions, some of which have been performed in different regions of Canada and in the United States. He is an advocate of mentoring as a way to develop young actors, directors and designers within the ranks of the professional theatre. Before joining Geordie Productions, he founded ASM Performing Arts, a company dedicated to helping young actors break into the field. For the last four years he has also been a member of the board of directors of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres.

“He is a man devoted to the betterment of his community through his work and volunteer service and I believe he is a perfect candidate for this honour.”

Lyndee Hansen, General Manager, Geordie Productions


Wilhelmina Christina Fredericks

Category: Humanitarian Aid

Sociologist Wilhelmina Christina Fredericks is the founder and director of Zerf Productions, a charitable organization that is involved in humanitarian missions and the creative arts. She personally collects drugs for treating HIV/AIDS as well as medical equipment, clothing and school supplies for people in need, and sends them to Africa and other locations. In addition to her humanitarian activities, she produces documentary films such as From Cape Town to Montreal (2000) and A visit to New Hope Center (1998), to name just two. Her activities and documentary films have earned her a number of awards, including the YMCA Peace Medal.

“In addition to her compassion for the less fortunate, Wilhelmina, is an amazing community leader (…) Her leadership, pulls people together, motivates them and makes realize her objectives.”

Sondra Sherman, neighbour


Jaswant Guzder

Category: Health

Dr. Jaswant Guzder joined the Jewish General Hospital in 1976 and, since 2004, she has been the Head of Child Psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry. She co-founded a cultural consultation service and is a leader in the fields of transcultural and child psychiatry. She is dedicated to her work and committed to improving the lives of children with mental health problems and their families. Her work and her contributions have been recognized locally, nationally and internationally. In addition to her professional activities, Dr. Guzder is an accomplished artist: she has illustrated numerous books and her paintings have been exhibited at the international level.

“Jaswant Guzder is a brilliant psychoanalyst and child psychiatrist, a skilled academician, researcher and writer. She is a great teacher and administrative leader. Her success as a creative artist and dramaturgist speak to the remarkable creative reach of this extraordinary women.”

Frederick W. Hickling, The University of West Indies, Caribbean Institute of Mental Health and Sustance abuse


Georges M. Koutchougoura, absent, represented by Fr. Anatoliy Melnyk of St. Peter and St. Paul Russian Orthodox Cathedral

Category: Community Involvement

Mr. Koutchougoura has been president of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Montreal and president of the Union des organisations ethniques russes de la province de Québec since 2001. He is a very active man and is also a member of the Complaints Review Committee of the Québec Bar. Mr. Koutchougoura is very involved in civic life, and was the public representative on the finance and administration committee of the Ordre des infirmiers et des infirmières du Québec. He has been a member of a number of advisory committees to provincial ministers. In 1986, he chaired the jury for the annual awards of the Ministère des Communautés culturelles, and was then appointed to chair the Committee on Good Citizenship for the Ministère de la Justice. In his 10 years at the head of that committee, his most significant contribution was to submit a clause on the duty to come to the aid of a person in danger, which was incorporated in the Civil Code of Québec in 1992.


Rabbi Leigh Lerner, absent, represented by his daughter Sasha Lerner

Category: Community Involvement

Rabbi Leigh David Lerner was born in Minneapolis, and in 1989 he was appointed as senior rabbi at the Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom, where he has dedicated himself to the community for 23 years. In recognition of his excellent work and devotion, he was also named Rabbi Emeritus. Throughout his years there, he promoted equality between the sexes: preparation for the Bar Mitzvah and the Bat Mitzvah was equally rigorous for both girls and boys, and girls were encouraged to study the Torah and participate in various aspects of religious services. He instituted a course on Introduction to Judaism from which over a thousand people have graduated. To put it briefly, Rabbi Lerner has advanced the role and reputation of the Temple within the community while contributing to inter-faith dialogue.

“In June, Rabbi Lerner retired as our Senior Rabbi after 23 years of inspirational leadership (…) through his quiet charm and diplomacy; he built upon Temple’s role in the Montreal Jewish Community (…)”

Stephen Yaffe, President, Temple Emanu-el-Beth Sholom


Harvey Levenson

Category: Community Involvement

In addition to his professional activities, Mr. Levenson is currently on the boards of directors of a number of institutions, including the Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation and the Sir Mortimer B. Davis Foundation of the Montreal Jewish Hospital, where he co-chaired a major fundraising campaign in 2012. These are only a few examples of his commitment. In 2008, he successfully chaired the Weekend to End Breast Cancer for the Montreal Jewish General Hospital. He is the former president of the Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal and the former president of ORT Montreal, an organization that works for the advancement of people worldwide through training and education.

“We believe that Mr. Levenson’s accomplishments and tireless volunteer leadership over the course of so many years stand as an evidence of his ʺsignificant contributions to and impact onʺ the Jewish community of Montreal.”

Deborah Corber, Chief Executive Officer, Federation CJA


Avy Loftus

Category: Art and Community Involvement

Avy Loftus is an accomplished visual artist and batik designer. Her works have been shown at numerous exhibits around the world: in the United States, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and Bermuda. She has also received awards for her creations in Indonesia for several years running. Ms. Loftus is currently the president of Asian Canadian Women Artists, and is committed to working for peace. In 2007, she founded Peace, Love and Hope, a project whose objective is to combat bullying in schools through art workshops for children aged 5 to 15. The children are invited to take part in a batik workshop on the theme of peace, love and hope.

“I am honored to nominate Ms. Avy Loftus (…) because of her impressive experience and education.”

Wifred Quiambao, Federation of Filipino Canadian Associations of Quebec


Andrew Macdougall

Category: Community Involvement

Andrew Macdougall has been involved with the youth of Westmount for a very long time. For over 20 years, he has been active in the Scouts, passing on his passion for scouting to young people. He works hard to share with them the importance of taking responsibility and working as a team. He has also spent many years as a soccer coach, working with a team of young boys. Mr. McDougall is energetic, dedicated and always available. He is always ready to help out in his community when needed, whether by raising funds or welcoming people who are newcomers to Westmount. He is also a volunteer member and actor with the Montreal West Operatic Society, an amateur theatre company.

“Andrew Macdougall has been an inspiration to me for years (…) The local community and, I am sure, the City of Westmount would be much less colloquial, outdoorsy and energetic place if not for the wonderful contribution Andrew Macdougall has made through his exemplary volunteerism.”

Douglas Leahey, resident of Westmount


Janet Macklem

Category: Community Involvement

Janet Macklem is a woman who is dedicated to numerous charitable organizations and causes in her community. Her community involvement began at a very young age when she joined the Junior League of Montreal. Since then, she has been involved with a number of causes, including visiting seniors and the sick at Manoir Westmount, taking part in food and clothing collections for the Ascension of Our Lord Parish, and organizing the parish’s Abri en Ville program to assist people with mental health problems or who have been discharged from institutions. This is but a sample of her many activities, and her social commitment has earned her recognition from sources such as the City of Westmount, which honoured her with the Derek Walker Award in 2010.

“Thanks to her generosity and tireless energy, the lives of many individuals in our community have been and continue to be enriched and brightened.”

Maura McKeon and Robert Wilkins


Kokulan Mahendiran

Category: Community Involvement

Kokulan Mahendiran is a young man who has been deeply involved with his community since his teen years. While he was in secondary school, he worked for three years with the SickKids Foundation. In 2012, while attending university, he served as vice-president of the Class Action Committee, which collected $18,000 to build a greenhouse on the McGill campus. His leadership was behind Serendipity, a charitable event held by the Sri Lankan Association and South Asian Women’s Aid to educate the public about the issues facing women in South Asia.

“Mr. Mahendiran is a worthy candidate for the Diamond Jubilee Medal due to his significant contributions to our community.”

Azfan Jaffer, Sri Lankan Association


Peter McNally

Category: Teaching and Community Involvement

Mr. McNally has taught for several years at the McGill University School of Information Studies and has been involved in a number of community organizations associated with the University and downtown Montreal. He is a committed and active member of the congregation at the Church of St. John the Evangelist, and also works with St. Michael’s Mission, a day centre for homeless people that is associated with the church. In addition, he has received frequent recognition in his academic career, including an award from the McGill Alumni Association in 2002. Since 2003, he has been the director of the McGill History Project, which is tracing the history of the University, and he is currently working on the third volume.

“Mr. McNally would make an excellent recipient for the Diamond Jubilee Medal.”

Fr. Keith Schmidt, Rector


Hiroshi Nakamura

Category: Sport

Mr. Nakamura has left his mark on Canadian judo. In January 2011, after a 60-year career, Judo Canada awarded him the rank of 9th Dan. He is a judo enthusiast who has taught the sport in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce ward since 1973. He offers courses in judo to young people, adults and members of the national team, and trained two-time Olympic medallist Nicolas Gill. He and Nicolas Gill created a foundation to support young people in their studies and encourage them to persevere in competitive judo. Last year, his Foundation awarded a little over $9,600. Mr. Nakamura is involved with the NDG community and last year offered judo lessons free of charge to 645 people in the ward. He has also received a number of awards for his social involvement and excellence in the sport.

“There are countless reasons why Mr. Nakamura is being honoured with a medal for his achievements, but the main one is his dedication to other people; he gives ceaselessly, always with a smile and in good humour.”

Vincent Scotto, director, Shidokan Judo Club


Chiko H. Nanji

Category: Affaires

Chiko H. Nanji and his family fled Uganda to settle in Canada, and through hard work and dedication, he has founded successful companies such as Logistics Development Corporation (LDC) and Metro Supply Chain, one of the 50 best-managed Canadian companies with over 3,000 employees. Mr. Nanji is also a Knight of the International Knightly Order of Saint George, a charitable organization that supports wounded veterans and their families. In 2011, Mr. Nanji helped to arrange for chocolate to be distributed to every family with a member serving in the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan. Mr. Nanji is also a philanthropist who supports a number of children’s hospitals and institutions.

“Mr. Nanji is a prime example of an immigrant who has come to Canada and become one of our leading citizens through distinguished work in business, community service and patriotism.”

G.J. Hollink and R.M. Hyslop, 30, Field Regiment


David Nicholson

Category: Community Involvement

Mr. Nicholson joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1951, and after nine years’ service he became the commander of the flight school in Centralia, Ontario, where he was in charge of more than 300 Canadian and NATO pilots. In 1960, he joined Greenshields, where he had a successful career as a portfolio manager. But undoubtedly his greatest and most important achievement was when he and his wife created the Wednesday Night Salon in 1982. In its more than three decades of existence, the salon has developed a reputation as the place to be for dialogue and discussion, hosting professionals from a range of cultural, political and linguistic backgrounds. Mr. Nicholson is also dedicated to his community and has been active in the Alzheimer Society and in Project 80, an organization that supports low-income families in east Montreal.

“(…) I believe that Mr. Nicholson is a strong candidate as he has done so much for the city of Montréal.”

Kyle Matthews, Senior Deputy Director, The Will to Intervene Project


Eddy Nolan

Category: Sport

Eddy Nolan has given 30 years of his life to support the Terry Fox Foundation and the Terry Fox Run. Students at Roslyn Elementary School know better than most citizens of Westmount and Montreal why we help to raise funds for the Terry Fox Foundation to support cancer research. Together with Eddy, the students of Roslyn and their families have raised over $200,000 for the Terry Fox Foundation. This is an outstanding achievement. M. Nolan has made Canada a better country and is himself a role model for all Canadians. Through his hard work and commitment to raise funds for cancer research he has touched the lives of many Canadians who have received new treatments, new medication and sometimes a cure. His leadership has helped to inspire a new generations of caring Canadians.

“Eddy Nolan is a quintessential Canadian and the perfect candidate for this prestigious honor”

John Stanton, C.M., Founder and CEO of Running Room Inc.


Cynthia A. Price

Category: Community Involvement

Cynthia A. Price has contributed to a number of charitable organizations, but her most important contribution was undoubtedly her involvement in the fight against breast cancer. As president of the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, she has taken the lead in developing fundraising, education and prevention programs, and support programs for people with the disease. Today, she is helping the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex Foundation with its efforts to secure funding and strategic positioning in the health care sector.

“Her Alma Mater is a great source of inspiration and hope for the future. She has immersed herself into the world of academia hoping that her contribution will make a difference to the youth of today and tomorrow.”

Phyllis A. M. Price, mother


Donat Savoie

Category: Community Involvement

Mr. Savoie is a leading advocate for services and shelters for homeless Inuit people in Montreal. In the last two years, this group has grown, and he has helped to find apartments and donated furniture for them. As a consultant for Makavik Corporation, he has recommended that Inuit social workers be hired at Chez Doris, the Downtown YMCA and the Projet Autochtone Québec. He has also worked to secure funding for the Chez Doris cultural activities for Inuit women. He has been a leader and negotiator in protecting and rebuilding the only shelter for homeless Aboriginal and Inuit people in Montreal, which was about to close in December but received $2.5 million in funding through his efforts. In 2010, he was named a Knight of the Ordre National du Québec.

“Donat Savoie brings to our attention topics pertaining to Inuit and the Canadian Arctic that are rarely talked about that include the dramatic changes to culture, the environment, society, politics that are occurring within a single generation.”

Margaret Guest, Constituency Assistant


William Scully

Category: Community Involvement

William Scully is a businessman who has been involved for over a decade with Canadian Armed Forces veterans. His dedicated efforts have enabled a veteran who was suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome and living in a shipping container to return to normal life. Mr. Scully hired him to do odd jobs at his business and gave him a warm place to sleep during the cold winter nights. He also worked with the man for months, helping him apply for the pensions he was entitled to. His efforts bore fruit and enabled the veteran to find suitable housing.

“I believe that Mr. Scully’s heroic involvement reflects the best in Canadians trying to help other Canadians, and consider him to be most worthy of this distinction.”

Major Robert Frank, CStJ, CD, A de C


Michael Sendbuehler

Category: Education and Community Involvement

Mr. Sendbuehler is a former geography teacher who was well loved by his students at Marianopolis College, where for several years he was in charge of the College’s mock United Nations program. He was committed to making his students better citizens and strove to develop their interest in international affairs. In addition to his involvement with his students, he has taken part in organizing major fundraising campaigns for UNICEF Quebec, and was also president of RECLAIM, a literacy organization. Mr. Sendbuehler helped to set up the first fair trade store in Montreal at the YMCA in 1991. That initiative ultimately became 10,000 Villages, which has been part of the Montreal landscape for a number of years.

“In my entire educational experience, few professors have been as inspirational and influential as Professor Sendbuehler. I will never forget the wisdom that he shared with me (…)”

Amanda Chalupa, former student


Jean-Paul St-Amour

Mr. St-Amour has been the general manager of the Caisse populaire du Quartier- chinois for 11 years and has had an enormous impact on the Chinese community. He helped to create job opportunities at the Caisse for young people and recent immigrants, and he supports the Montreal Chinese Community and Cultural Centre and the Women’s Auxiliary of the Montreal Chinese Hospital. For 20 years, he served as treasurer of the Montreal Chinese Hospital Foundation. His leadership has been instrumental in the generous support provided by the Caisse populaire for the activities of the Chinese Family Service of Greater Montreal.

“Year after year, he goes above and beyond his responsibilities as General Manager, seeking opportunities to give to his fellow citizens and in particular to the needy and vulnerable. Having witnessed his dedication and sincerity for many years, we are glad to nominate him for this prestigious award.”

Pauline Wong, President of the Chinese family Service of Greater Montreal.


Eleanor Victoria Stubley

Category: Art

Ms. Stubley is a musician and music professor at McGill University’s Schulich School of Music, and since 1998 she has dedicated her efforts to conducting the Yellow Door Choir, an organization whose mission is to share music with the Montreal community and raise funds for a variety of charitable organizations. Ms. Stubley is a paragon of perseverance, conducting the choir enthusiastically and energetically and always aiming for perfection. Her goal is to present top-quality performances every time, no matter who the audience or where the concert is held, be it at Oscar Peterson Concert Hall or at the NDG food bank.

“As our Musical Director, Eleanor has revealed herself to be a model of strength, courage, commitment, resolve, optimism, generosity, and inclusiveness (…)”

Diane Urhammer, Executive Board Member, Yellow Door Choir


Thomas Thompson

Category: Education / Community Involvement

Thomas Thompson is currently the Senior Philanthropic Advisor at McGill University and is actively involved in the University’s major funding campaigns. His exceptional leadership has helped to make McGill an important centre of education and knowledge. In 2008, Mr. Thompson received an award from the McGill Alumni Association for his exceptional services to the university community. In addition to his professional commitments, Mr. Thompson is actively involved with his community. He was a municipal councillor for the City of Westmount from 1995 to 2000 and from 2000 to 2002. He is also involved with Marianopolis College and the Montreal Association for the Blind / MacKay Centre. He was vice-president of the Fraser Hickson Library project and chair of the Red Cross water safety service. His efforts and his dedication were recognized by the City of Westmount in 2012 when he received the Derek Walker Award.

“The achievements of Mr. Thompson have contributed to promoting our nation as one of the world’s leaders in post-secondary education.”

Stephen Strople, Secretary General, McGill University


Barbara Whitley

Category: Community Involvement

In her 94 years on this earth, Ms. Whitley has been a dedicated volunteer, a philanthropist and a community leader. Her involvement began in the last World War, when she served with the Canadian Red Cross. She then gradually took on leadership roles within the community. She is the former president of the Women’s Canadian Club and the Junior League. Ms. Whitley has served on dozens of committees and boards of directors, but undoubtedly her most important achievement is her 60 years of service with the Montreal General Hospital, where she has served in a number of roles. In 1970, she was the first woman to be elected to the hospital’s executive committee. As a philanthropist, she has supported St. James the Apostle Church and McGill University for 45 years. She also established the Whitearn Foundation, which supports the development of ophthalmology, the research and study of diseases and disorders of the human eye.

“Her lifetime of volunteer service and generous support of community causes make her truly deserving of this honour.”

Stephen Strople, Secretary General, McGill University