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Marc Garneau, MP


It is an honour to serve as the Member of Parliament for Westmount-Ville-Marie. After having represented Canada on the international stage, I now want to give back to my country. I have a passion for service, and I believe I must serve my country by first serving my community.

I look forward to listening to your concerns and working with you to build a stronger Canada.

Marc Garneau, MP for Westmount-Ville-Marie.

Opposition: Ottawa must do more to fight cyber attacks in light of latest hack

Posted on July 29, 2015

Hacktivist group “Anonymous” has struck again in this country, leaking what the group says is a classified document from Canada’s spy agency CSIS.

The document is dated February of last year and reveals CSIS was trying to extend its secure network to twenty-five foreign stations.

The leaked document also reveals 70 CSIS operatives work at the stations, processing 22 500 messages a year.

A spokesperson with the government wouldn’t confirm the the legitimacy of the document.

“We do not comment on leaked documents and we continue to monitor this situation closely,” Jeremy Laurin said in an email.

Liberal MP Marc Garneau says the leak is troubling.

“I was very concerned when I found out that all of this information had been obtained by the group Anonymous,” Garneau said. “This is a very serious wake up call for the government, cyber security is a reality that we must address today.”

This latest hack is the latest in a long string. Last month, CSIS and the Government of Canada’s websites were victims of a cyber attack, and before that websites for the National Research Council and Revenue Canada were hacked.

Just last week, Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney announced 142 million dollars in funding for cyber security over the next five years, which is in addition to 94.4 million dollars allotted in the budget.

Garneau doesn’t think it’s enough.

“They’re [the government] lagging behind the efforts being made, the increasing sophistication that hacking organizations have,” he said. “They’re somewhat asleep at the switch”

Opposition: Ottawa must do more to fight cyber attacks in light of latest hack – National |

Anonymous says the CSIS leak is in retaliation for the RCMP-involved shooting of James McIntyre in B.C.earlier this month.

The group claims McIntyre was one of its own and unless someone from the RCMP is arrested for his death, it will continue “releasing stunning secrets at irregular intervals”.

B.C.’s Independent Investigations Office is looking into the RCMP’s role. A spokesman says the hacktivist group’s threat won’t affect the IIO’s work.

“We’re certainly aware of what’s out there in the social media sphere and the IIO has taken steps to mitigate the situation,” Ralph Krenz said. “However at the end of the day it will not influence the conduct of these files.”

Krenz couldn’t put a timeline on the IIO’s investigation.

“It’s under active investigation at this point in time.”



Liberal Party of Canada statement on the nuclear deal with Iran

Posted on July 15, 2015

July 15, 2015

“The Liberal Party of Canada welcomes this significant agreement with Iran limiting Iranian nuclear activity. We commend the P5 + 1 nations for this achievement. We believe in the importance of a diplomatic solution while ensuring Iran cannot build a nuclear weapon.

“As President Obama stated, this agreement is built on verification, not trust. The Liberal Party of Canada agrees with Canada’s allies, including the United States, with respect to containing Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

“Iran must comply with the terms of this agreement and match its words with concrete deeds. This will require continued vigilance and verifiable measures. It will be imperative that Iran act in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions and cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency during any inspections.

“We recognize that the current Iranian regime does not always represent or speak for the Iranian people. Liberals believe that Iran must be held to account for its support of terrorist organizations, its longstanding human rights violations, its aggression towards Israel, as well as its nuclear program.”


Cabot Square reopens after year-long renovation

Posted on July 8, 2015

John Meagher, Montreal Gazette
Published on: July 8, 2015 | Last Updated: July 8, 2015 8:02 PM EDT

For as long as many Montrealers can remember, Cabot Square was somewhere to avoid, especially at night when the few who entered were either homeless or cops on patrol.

Sandwiched between two relics — the famed old Forum to the north and the former Montreal Children’s Hospital to the south — the square had become a public eyesore and yet another reminder of Montreal’s steady decline.

A year ago, work began to refurbish the site and on Wednesday civic officials were on hand to reopen the square that pays homage to the Venetian explorer Giovanni Caboto (1455-1498) who, among other things, is credited with discovering Newfoundland, albeit hundreds of years after the Vikings landed there.

Revisionist history aside, the refurbishment of an old city square, first opened in 1870, had just about everyone nodding in agreement that the city had done a bang-up job on this one, even for a cool $6.3-million price tag.

Among the spoils were new park benches, a stage, wider pathways, gardens, free Wi-Fi and a café in the old octagonal building, previously known as a vespasienne, near the entrance to the Atwater métro.

Phyllis Lambert, who has devoted much of her life to the cause of architecture in Montreal, liked what she saw.

“It’s great that it’s done,” said Lambert, founder of the Canadian Centre for Architecture. “The paving is very good, it seems. We’ll have to see how it holds up. Just wish there were more green surfaces around trees, maybe. But I like the entrances and it’s wonderful to see the trees.”

If you never noticed the tall maples in Cabot Square before, you might now, a subtle discovery that 88-year-old Lambert calls “essential” in reclaiming public space.

“We are doing that, but it’s always citizens who force the thing,” she said, noting the behind-the-scenes work of groups like the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Heritage Montreal, and local community and urban planning groups for taking back public spaces.

Marc Garneau, MP for the riding of Westmount-Ville Marie, was also suitably impressed with the makeover of the newly-polished gem in Shaughnessy Village.

“I’ve watched its fate over the years,” Garneau said. “I’m delighted to see what it looks like today. It’s a superb job. I compliment the designers and architects. It has a beautiful canopy of trees.”

Mayor Denis Coderre was beaming at the official opening, which also drew a heavy police presence.

“We’re all sending new vibes in Montreal and I’m very happy and proud,” the mayor said. “The city is about people. It’s about public space. It’s about enhancing quality of life.”

Coderre said reclaiming public spaces can revitalize inner-city neighbourhoods.

“I’ll gave you an example: (Place) Émilie-Gamelin. Before we re-shaped it, we were finding 20 to 30 syringes per day. In the past month since the new (changes), only 17.”

Although Cabot Square has been a magnet for aboriginal homeless people in the past, they might find the handrails and metal spacers on the new park benches a back-breaker to sleep on. Pure coincidence?

Coderre is aware of the square’s sketchy past.

“It’s not about pushing out people,” he said. “It’s to be inclusive, to outreach, to build bridges. We need to revitalize the area that wasn’t being used.”

So, where will the homeless people go now?

“They’re rolling,” Coderre said. “There are some (shelters). There are ways for that. But the reason I had that (homeless) report yesterday was to show some clear data.”

The survey, done in March, counted 3,017 homeless persons in Montreal, which Coderre called “a manageable number.”

“With all that data, and it’s not a one-size fits all, I have the capacity now to have a meaningful action plan with concrete ways to help them.”

Community outreach workers will regularly be on hand in the square to deal with any problems.

A variety of musical, artistic and cultural exhibitions will be held at the square most days till Aug. 7.

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